Knapsack Reunites to Tour, Save World Knapsack Reunites to Tour, Save World

knapsack - 1You may know Knapsack from their woefully understated time making quiet/loud big hearted forever now crouch and shout indie rock back in the 90s or from the many times Charles has taken the opportunity on this site to extol the comely virtues of Blair Shehan vis a vis The Jealous Sound or really, any Saturday he had too much to drink too early. WELL THE BAND IS FUCKING BACK! And they’re touring, though a full list of dates hasn’t come across the office desk yet. Rumor has it, they’re playing The Fest. Chances are, they’ll tour like crazy. We certainly hope so. Charles has been hiding out in the break room screaming something about how an overbite looks now for HOURS and we worry he won’t come out until the band plays his big, dumb city. We gave him this post’s hyperbole to get him to eat something. Rockit.

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