Kishi Bashi – Fonda – 5-16-14 Kishi Bashi – Fonda – 5-16-14

Pics by Ben Irwin
Kishi Bashi - Fonda - 5-16-14_BI6054
Kishi Bashi - Fonda - 5-16-14_BI6169
Kishi Bashi - Fonda - 5-16-14_BI6038

Ed. Note: When Charles was a round, young buck he used to play the violin. If you asked him, he’d tell you that after five years he was goddamn “talent to be reckoned with” but as we’ve learned from so many awkward champagne chats with his mother the man’s life and youth are suspect so let us leave this little peace of knowing that the man once held a bow and abandoned it for reasons unknown. Thankfully, Mr. Bashi held his for years because he’s currently making a crazed pop wonder of his catgut and tenor in a way that would make even the most assured of six-stringed slinger blush in envy. El jefe was there, recently, to bear witness. Now dig, if you will, his pictures.

Pic gallery : Kishi Bashi – Fonda – 5-16-14

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