King Washington @ The Satellite – 2.14.14 King Washington @ The Satellite – 2.14.14

Words and Photos by Madelynn Elyse.


Street Tacos saved the day again. As my Civic dashed down Silverlake Boulevard, I kept one hand on the wheel while the other clawed desperately at the plate of veggie tacos on the passenger seat. When you’re late to a show and you have no choice, you can always depend on street tacos. Friday nights at the Satellite usually mean looping around the block a handful of times searching for parking. Luckily, there was a spot immediately in front of the venue. I thanked the Great God of Street Tacos and raced towards the venue.

I crept inside as King Washington was setting up. This band had long been on my radar. I had heard their name countless times, always spoken in reverent tones. I had heard talk about their harmonies, old-time rock style, and great live performances. Upon arriving, I took note that they had their get-up mapped out: red & white outfits that included a karate head-band for the bass player. I ordered my customary Jameson on the rocks as the music began.

King Washington hearkens back to a time where music was made by real musicians. That may sound strange, but in today’s music world (populated with hip kids who can barely play their instruments), a foursome of awesome musicians is downright inspiring to hear. Their three-part harmonies are strong and warm, like a musical wave sweeping over the audience.

There is a vintage quality to King Washington. The music has more in common with bands from the 70’s, like the Doobie Brothers. Its in the quality of their harmonies, their guitar playing, and their songwriting. I have a great respect for such a display of musicianship. They are a truly talented group with a sound that takes years to fuse.

I wish there had been more variety to the set. While King Washington have certainly established their style of rock, the songs all became to blend together. Some folks like this live, but I’ve always loved seeing a bit more dynamics happening between the songs.

Ok, I admit it. I drove straight home and listened to my favorite song from the evening: “The Gears.” I highly recommend it to everyone. And I also stopped for more street tacos. They saved me for breakfast this morning as well.

King Washington @ The Satellite – 2.14.14

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