Kid CuDi – A Kid Named CuDi Kid CuDi – A Kid Named CuDi

Kid CuDi - A Kid Named CuDi

Kid CuDi - A Kid Named CuDi

We don’t know much about Kid CuDi yet, but be prepared for complete media saturation of the man who is to be Kanye West’s newest protégé. However, do not take this as negative commentary, because the Kid from Cleveland can rhyme with style to boot.
After releasing his first mixtape, “A Kid Named CuDi”, Kid CuDi grabbed the attention of fellow Midwesterner, Kanye West, and was signed to Kanye’s GOOD Music label shortly thereafter. Kid CuDi’s talents were so undeniable that he was asked to help with song writing and guest vocals on certain tracks for Kanye’s “808’s & Heartbreak”.
So Kid CuDi’s timeline looks something like this: release first mixtape in July ’08, sign to Kanye’s GOOD Music label in September ’08, featured artist and songwriter on Kanye’s newest album in November ’08. Pretty impressive if you ask me.

So what is it exactly that has Kanye West and the rest of the hip hop community so enthralled with Kid CuDi? Like Kanye, Kid CuDi has talent and versatility that goes far beyond hip hop standards. Although his voice is not incredibly distinct, Kid CuDi is incredibly honest and self-aware, which makes for a uniquely freshly album with subtly clever lyrics and originality.
“A Kid Named CuDi” blends styles, beats and even genres. From a Mims-esque “this is why I’m hot” beat in the single “Day ‘N’ Night”, to the slowed down tracks “Man on the Moon” and “50 Ways to Make a Record” that will remind you of something by Gym Class Heroes. Heavy-hitting tracks “T.G.I.F.” and “Cleveland is the Reason” finish the mixtape strong with clear influences from Mr. West on both tracks.

Be prepared to see and hear more from Kid CuDi as his first full-length album on GOOD Music is set to release in the summer of 2009. Kid CuDi will also appear in the newest HBO series “How To Make It In America”, produced by Mark Wahlberg.

Kid CuDi, your time is now.

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