Kettel – Myam James 2 Kettel – Myam James 2

Kettel - Myam James 2

Kettel - Myam James 2

A little over a year ago saw Kettel’s Reimer Eising release the first in a two part series of “Myam James” albums under the Sending Orbs label. The first part, scheduled to be an EP release, but arriving as one half of an LP series, came as a massive surprise to everyone. I guess we hadn’t expected anything quite so special in such a short space of time. Considering his absolutely sublime “Whisper Me Wishes” had surfaced just the year before, you would imagine he would eventually run out of steam. So is it possible for Eising to put out three great albums all within the space of three years, all pushing the envelope for melodic, well produced and fantastically written Electronic music? Well, I can safely say he’s done it again.
With the latest installment, “Myam James 2”, Kettel has returned to his real talent. After all, he is a classically trained pianist with a love for classical music. So, instead of last years tb-303 squelches and bouncy acid tracks, we’re presented with tunes much more homely to his passion in music. There’s a lot of of gorgeous piano work. There’s a lot of ambience as well. And while it’s still primarily written in a style you’d recognise from his previous work, you really get the impression he’s made an effort to produce songs that are heartfelt and important. You’re never more than a few tracks away from being completely taken aback by a piece of incredible music. This is most evident when moving from the almost anthemic and upbeat “Boekebaas” into the sombre piano ambience of “You Understand This Night?”. I guess that’s all of what makes “Myam James 2” special: it’s a surprising mix of everything I love in Electronic music, from classical piano to warm ambience, to slick beats and joyous rhythms, and great production to boot, with enough heart in there to win over everyone.


01 Kingscourt Imp
02 Shinjuku Inn
03 Michael Space Airlines
04 Cherie
05 Pers Patrys
06 Boekebaas
07 You Understand This Night?
08 Nicola
09 Sentiment
10 Song From Toverpeeks
11 Begging For A Herring
12 Hymnuh
13 Verkens In Londen
14 Sauce
15 Song From 4pm Herring
16 Kitana
17 Memory Steps
18 Fish Creek

Kettel - Myam James 2, reviewed by Heard on 2009-05-26T14:15:35-07:00 rating 3.9 out of 5

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  • Smashtactics says:

    been waiting for this album since the first myam james, you’ll notice several tracks on part 2 are continuations of tracks on part 1. masterfully done!