Keepaway – Baby Style EP Keepaway – Baby Style EP

Keepaway - Baby Style EP

Keepaway - Baby Style EP

“I think I finally know what I want/ I wanna be two places at once” declares KeepAway vocalist Nick Nauman on the brilliant “Yellow Wings”.  Ironically, this describes Baby Style’s main problem.  First and foremost- these guys are obviously Animal Collective fans. The same psychedelic electronics and wishy washy soundscapes that dominate the works of 2009’s most blogged about band are all present here. Not that that should necessarily be a bad thing, everyone has to have their influences. KeepAways’ main problem is balancing on an extremely blurry line between their own sound and a poor man’s AC.

It’s a five track EP, and previously mentioned opener “Yellow Wings” is one of the best new indie songs i’ve heard in a long while. A male vocal loop spazzes out for a while before military style drumming and a minimalistic and disjointed guitar line take over. The aforementioned lyrics come across as a declaration of intent instead of just the opening line of a song. It’s the most clear example of KeepAway carving out their own sound on the EP, and some very Isaac Brock style lyrics also appear to creep in, “All i’ve found is nothing is true/ And nothing has happened at all”.

“Family Of The Son” comes across as a bit of a comedown after the opening track, but just about manages to hold its own and rumbles along nicely, if only thanks to some beautiful guitar work- i’m sure these lyrics are great, but I can’t for the life of me work out what they are.  “I Think about You All the Time” suffers no such problem, they just don’t make any sense- “Connect the dots/Another accident/ A crooked constellation of a foamy flowerbed”. …..Oh right. I’ve never put much importance on lyrics, but even still. So what about the music? Despite it’s catchy enough hook, “I Think about You…”s main electronic warble causes the other components of the song to feel a bit second grade, as if the band have put all the importance on it’s main hook and neglected to take care of the rest of their song.

“5 Rings” hums along harmlessly enough, repeating the same lyrics over and over,(Apparently he’s got 5 rings) before going very Animal Collective with a series of simian sounding extended ooh oh oh ohhhs and ahhs. It gets a bit annoying before it finally plays out. “Evil Lady” does a slightly better job of sounding epic, with some impressively jangly guitar work and just enough originality to get through.

There are some glimpses of brilliance here- admittedly “Yellow Wings” is the main one, being probably the best indie song I’ve heard so far this year. But those Animal Collective influences are worn a little too much on their sleeves, and listeners shouldn’t have to wade through sounds they’ve heard a million times before in order to find something unique. Having said that, it is only a self released debut EP- and you should still be excited to see what these guys can produce in the future.

Keepaway – Baby Style EP, reviewed by Lemon on 2010-06-11T14:27:05-07:00 rating 2.8 out of 5

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  • jackie says:

    This EP is awesome. They tracked it with Kyle Boyd at Headgear Recording Studio. Before “Baby Style” came out, Keepaway did a live studio session of new songs (sideways smile, head and croat). It’s on You can totally see how Frank’s drum kit is growing and how their sound is shaping.