Kat Edmonson – Robert Ellis- ACL Live 2-11-15 Kat Edmonson – Robert Ellis- ACL Live 2-11-15

Photos by Glen Brown
Special thanks to Glen for helping us out last minute, and to David Hall for coordinating!


Ed. Note: 

In a city of that fancies itself a live rock capital of the world it’s more refreshing than a fistful of ginger to listen to some sultry jazz in one of Austin’s landmark venues. A bit of a hometown show when (former) Austinite Kat Edmonson and her full band took the stage Wednesday night they did so to a hero’s welcome.

Touring in support of her new album “The Big Picture” Kat waxed sentimental about coming back to the town she once called home. A crowd comprised of a couple thousand family and friends made for an distinctly loose vibe that heralded the party that was about to take place.

Kat Edmonson – ACL Live 2-11-15

Robert Ellis- ACL Live 2-11-15

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