Kanye West – 808’s & Heartbreak Kanye West – 808’s & Heartbreak

Kanye West - 808's & Heartbreak

Kanye West - 808's & Heartbreak

I really like Kanye West.
He’s a self-centered ego-maniac with delusions of grandeur and I don’t care. In fact, I think I like him more because those things. I can’t really come up with a sound explanation as to why this is.
He’s reached music’s pinnacle as a producer and MC all by age 30, and he’s a total dick. He sets some of America’s lamest trends with his pink sweater vests, Louie V and shutter shades, yet there isn’t a single thing about that that turns me off. Kanye pretty much has carte blanche to do and say whatever the fuck he wants without hurting public opinion or “cred” and along with the critics, I have genuinely liked every one of his albums.
But Kanye’s latest, “808’s & Heartbreak”, is the most difficult iteration in the Kanye saga for me to get into and enjoy, and I blame it on Auto Tune pitch correction.

Cher kinda started it with that “Do you bel-IEve in life after love” song. But how much are you going to go out of your way to listen to Cher on purpose? Lil Wayne pretty much went overboard with it on his latest album, forcing everyone to say to themselves “god I really hope this doesn’t ‘get hot’ even though I know it will”—so it seems fateful that Kanye would take the use of Auto Tune pitch correction to the next level and use it for an entire album.
“808’s & Heartbreak” is an R&B album with the predictable emo-ish lyrics we’ve come to expect out of a Kanye West record, sans the usual braggadocious swagger. The albums content deals mainly with loss—a breakup with his longtime girlfriend and the death of his mother; and in a very open and honest way, Kanye gives us a glimpse into a lonely, tortured world. “Say You Will”, “Welcome to Heatbreak” and “Heartless” are the best tracks to experience the dark world Kanye is trying to paint. However, my favorite tracks; “Paranoid” and “Amazing (ft. Young Jeezy)” seem to emphasize the lyricism a little more than the robot-R&B.
Despite my issues with Auto Tune, the numbers don’t lie – “808’s & Heartbreak” peaked at #1 on the Billboard charts and has spent 11 weeks on the list. And once again, it appears no critic can phase King Kanye’s Midas touch.

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One Response about “Kanye West – 808’s & Heartbreak”

  • Big Ben says:

    I got to tell you man I normally find Kayne’s stuff pretty all over the map, but this album I thought stuck to the story line pretty well.
    The auto-tune is god awful and turns what I think would be an amazing album into something I listed to 5 times through and put on the back burner.
    I think Kayne’s writing shows a progression with this album… fucking auto tune.