K. Flay – Life as a Dog K. Flay – Life as a Dog

K. Flay - Life as a Dog (2014)

K. Flay – Life as a Dog (2014)

In 2012, after our trip to Treasure Island, Delicious cautioned the people, “Don’t Sleep on K. Flay.”

But some of you did and that’s okay.

I did too even though I’d been spinning tracks from her three-part, beatjacked mixtape I Stopped Caring in ’96 as inspired cardio gym jams since I first found her ruddy mug on some grumpy punk blog back in 2011.

Can that be right?

Let’s just assume it is and go forward with the knowing that I found I Stopped Caring to be a delightful little treat of breathy flow and consummate smartassery (-ness?) which, for a moment, rekindled a hope that hip hop’s long tradition of chintz and misogyny would soon be unseated (or, at the very least, unsettled) by the continued ascent of the female MC unafraid of her form and unashamed of her sexuality.

But, then I just kind of…um…forgot about it, I guess which was a dick move on my part because in those years Ms. Flay has kept herself busy as all hell with mix tapes, remix appearances, major label deals and untimely demises all of which, I’m told, are well worth my attention but I’m sad to say I wouldn’t know from Adam’s dick stuck in a fig tree.

Sorry, Ms. Flay. Sorry, Mr. Delicious. I let you both down and that’s a sin because here I am on a Friday night enjoying Life as a Dog without proper context and Lord knows I know context is everything so I suppose I’ll just have to take the record as a singular event cutting the noise in my head with its good girl played bad typecast shuffling the genre stamp less like a deconstruction kit so much as a kid who knows the wind blows the indie go go just as swiftly as the rhythm trappists on the run in the shades of Laredo.

And I will and I’ll be happy as a clammy pearl because this record is an easy delight from end to end despite the times when Ms. Flay’s vocal affectations and fire spit translate as a touch less than inspired because the whole thing just sounds like margarine spread over fishnets, that one night in Paris Marlon Brando didn’t get creepy as shit and I will gladly put what little weight I have left in this madcap mess of a world behind anyone, anywhere, anytime who can recite the line “Sucking on a bottle of Jim Beam, wishing it was you” like they fucking well mean it because…I mean, come on, dude…

Life as a Dog Tracklist:
01 – Everyone I Know
02 – Make Me Fade
03 – Can’t Sleep
04 – Wishing It Was You
05 – Fever
06 – Bad Things
07 – I’m Good
08 – Turn It Around
09 – Thicker Than Dust
10 – Time For You
11 – Get It Right

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