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Justice - Audio, Video, Disco

I am mad at Justice right now. In fact I was thinking about not doing this review because the French electro house duo and I are not on speaking terms. Why am I mad? I don’t know why don’t you ask them? Justice and I used to be friends. In 2007, the band released which was one of the loudest and most abrasive party records of the decade. It literally allowed me to imagine a world where French fraternity members threw parties in baroque ballrooms and where everyone drank cheap beer out of crystal goblets. It was fucking awesome. Then they were gone. Out of my life for good. Until now. Do you think you can waltz back into my life after all this time? Do you?

The downtime between records has been carefully crafted by Justice to create the most amount of anticipation as well as needless stress for the listener. First there was a disappointing live album A Cross The Universe in 2008 followed by the better and more epic 17 minute track “Planisphère” written for the 2009 Summer Collection by Dior Homme Menswear. After the last drops of “Planisphère,” Justice went away for a longtime only to resurface in spring of this year. The 2011 “Civilization” single was the first step in a long and annoying process of hyping the band’s second release Audio, Video, Disco. I shouldn’t of paid attention and just waited a few months but I did. I shouldn’t have listened to every remix, demo and recut of every Justice song ever written but I did. I should have played it cool during the summer months but I didn’t. I am literally first in line for this bullshit. I’m here Justice ready for your new record. Ohhh what’s that? You decided to change everything. Fuck you.

According to one half of Justice’s wizardly council, Audio, Video, Disco was to be lighter in contrast to the very dark and aggressive . From the opening atmosphere of “Horsepower” Justice’s signature buzzsaw machine gun has given way to something more melodic and begrudgingly more interesting. Fuck, It sounds like a kingdom of majestic sea dwelling creatures. There is no one who wants to hate this record more than me. Given that trust, Audio, Video, Disco is a powerhouse by a band not content in performing the same trick twice.

The lead track “Civilization” was first released as a frantic Adidas commercial and then given a soft undercurrent with a fantastic acoustic demo release. “Civilization” is an important overture for Audio, Video, Disco because it predicts the heights both Gaspard Augé and Xavier de Rosnay will go to blend house disco and high flying anthems. While Audio, Video, Disco owes a great deal of debt to late 70’s arena rock, Justice’s new style could be the classic rock for a new planetary youth.

Just like their previous work, Audio, Video, Disco is full of vocal tracks and some amazing instrumentals. “Cannon,” Brianvision” and “Parade’s” craft and structure more than make up for the absence of deep aggression. Just like their previous work, the album is held together by tight threads of theme and overall style. This is a different Justice which is just as interesting but now exudes light where darkness once lay. It is a place where sea dwelling creatures hold parliament and serve mineral water by the shore. This doesn’t mean we are friends again Justice, I’m still pissed for no apparent reason but I’ll smile none the less.

1. Horsepower
2. Civilization
3. Ohio
4. Canon (Interlude)
5. Canon
6. On’n’on
7. Brianvision
8. Parade
9. Newlands
10. Helix

Justice - Audio, Video, Disco, reviewed by Kaptain Carbon on 2011-11-07T10:40:12-08:00 rating 4.2 out of 5

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