JUNGLE @ Emo’s – 4.9.15 JUNGLE @ Emo’s – 4.9.15

Photos by Tammy Perez (Truly Great Madness)


Ed. Note: Sometimes, a man needs to dance hard and in the dark of his bedroom. And when he does, where does he go for his groove? Does he err on the pretty, pretty prim sheen pop his motherland cranks out like so many toothy mutts? No. No, he does not. He goes Britannia or he goes to bed too stoned for his own good because the UK has a cultural lock on the soul-clapping electricity that gets a body moving in sways and shivers from ankles to earholes. Take JUNGLE, por ejemplo. This Mercury Prize nominated post funk party pack bust out the cool iron mood abuse like nobody’s business but my own and recently, our TX friend, Tammy had the chance to catch the band lay effortless waste to Emo’s stage returning back with a batch of ambient incrimination that made us all wish we could get out and up on the floor with aplomb. But, nah, man. Maybe next wave. Now please dig, if you will, her pictures.

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