John Walsh – Home EP John Walsh – Home EP

John Walsh - Home

John Walsh - Home

This EP is exhausting, and it’s only about eight minutes long. Meant to fit on a 7” single, twenty songs pummel by with purpose and precision, averaging only twenty-five ticks before they move on to the next one. I suppose it’s a bit of a shtick, except John Walsh just happen to be an ace hardcore punk band capable of pulling it off so much better than the premise would suggest.

While typically writing equally fun/heavy/catchy/powerful regular-length songs (which are still kinda short), each song on Home seems to have been trimmed down to nothing but the hook. An anthemic group shout-along, some goofily memorable vocal lines (“You seem like the kind of person! That I’d like to be best friends with!” “It was the best! Fucking! High five! Ever!”), some blistering energy, perhaps a bit of an interlude, and it’s on to the next one. Think of them as filet mignon burger shots (God bless this decade for allowing me to make such an analogy.) Only the best bits and seriously no fat. I literally felt out of breath after listening all the way through for the first time, then found it impossible to only listen once and proceeded to keep it on repeat for about an hour. Since the whole thing is so short, it can be taken in as a single burst of disjointed, yet surprisingly well flowing burst of distortion and positive energy. This band is seriously worth looking up.

Track Listing:
1. This is a Home
2. So Many Damns!
3. Down the Road
4. Fair!
5. Gasping for Air
6. Gettin’ Cres!
7. Tell Me a Story
8. High Fucking Fives!
9. Let’s Get Started!
10. The Toast of This Town
11. Or Something?
12. What I Say is Heck Yes!
13. So What!
14. The Best Fucking High Five Ever!
15. Reliever
16. The Buddy System
17. The Little Things
18. The Good Life
19. The Best One Yet!
20. Life Rules!

John Walsh - Home EP, reviewed by Squeri on 2009-12-09T12:00:40-08:00 rating 4.1 out of 5

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