jj – jj n° 2 jj – jj n° 2

jj - jj n° 2

jj - jj n° 2

I like a bit of mystery in music. What can I tell you about jj? Well, “they’re” Swedish. That’s evident enough from the sound of “their” music. Are they even a they? The label behind releasing their first single, jj no° 1, and now the brand new full-length jj no° 2, claim jj is more than one person at least. And other than them being housed by Sincerely Yours, the label run by The Tough Alliance, that’s all I’ve got. Sweet, sweet mystique!

And what about the music itself? I like it. I really do. It’s a short album clocking in at around 28 minutes. I guess we have a strong case here for quality over quantity. “Things Will Never Be The Same Again” begins the album with a wonderful Jamaican flavour. Aside the Caribbean rhythm comes soaring strings and electronic twinkles coupled with hazy harmonised vocals. You have to take a step back to think about what’s actually going on while every part of the song amalgamates into one very danceable lullaby.

When you think you’re safe in the sound of sparse paced club numbers like “Ecstasy”, jj completely reset the stride by perfectly blending a lovely acoustic orchestral piece into the flow of the album and you can’t help but feel that “Are You Still In Vallda?” is more than welcome. It’s sweet and definitely has an adolescent edge to it. Pop music, of course, is always almost exclusively about heartbreak, isn’t it? And again the sentiment is felt with the final track “Me & Dean”. A joke of a song, almost, with coughs and giggles caught between the gentle strum of guitars and the soft, soaring falsetto of the voices.

Reaching the close of the album, you come to realise that there is no restriction to jj’s art and they draw on a wealth of influences from as far as Africa and South America. There’s ambient and strings and joyful sounding synths, beautiful hazy vocals and danceable rhythms, all of which just aching out for a longer recording. Maybe next year, jj. Maybe something a little longer.

01. Things will never be the same again
02. From africa to málaga
03. Ecstasy
04. Are you still in vallda?
05. My love
06. Intermezzo
07. My hopes and dreams
08. Masterplan
09. Me & dean

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