Jimmy Whispers – Summer in Pain Jimmy Whispers – Summer in Pain

JImmy Whispers - Summer in Pain (2015)

JImmy Whispers – Summer in Pain (2015)

I don’t know who the fuck Jimmy Whispers is and that’s been bugging the shit out of me lately. Well, not just lately. I’ve been crushing hard on this cracked-glass honeydew hopper since I first heard his organ-drenched heartstring fever swing way back in January and hoped against all hope that in this dirty mop-topped Midwestern rail, I’d found the real true weirdo shit but details on the man behind the moniker remain as obtuse as a toothache and the press junket that proceeded the release of this, his full length debut (Noisey having had something of a hardon too) was just insouciant enough to get me worrying that all his bedroom bloom might be a cynical play to capitalize on our cultural need to locate and laud authenticity, outliers and all the art brutists who grew up laboring slavishly to the key of Z.

And, I guess it might be and I guess if it is, it’s kind of genius but I don’t know, man and I guess I don’t want to because Summer in Pain is such a shameless pleasure to bask in, it’d be a real sin to learn the whole goddamn thing was a scam.

So let’s just imagine it isn’t and that Jimmy Whispers really is just some odd-luck kid with an organ and an iPad and a 4 track and a bird or a cat or a turtle named “Oslo” who likes basketball and graveyards and sees no reason songs should be about anything other than love, death, drugs, sex, death and love and maybe some alien encounters now and then or apocalypse youth or food…you know, the basic human stuff that makes us spiral up and down like go-go beans on some late model Ford astral projection machine.

Because I can relate to that, man and I think we all can, try as we might to be better than our bone need to dance and sing like children waving to the good witch who didn’t sink and now writes Lucy in the sky every night because diamonds are The Fool’s firmament.

It’s all gray matter cling and melody, true to you as a typewriter monkey and I’ll be goddamned if I can find something better to crawl into my sick bed beside or kick up to jam out the next bonfire, high as hell on Gidget pride.

Summer in Pain Track List:
1. Intro
2. I Love You
3. Vacation
4. Heart Don’t Know
5. Pain In My Love
6. Michael, Don’t Cry
7. I Get Lost In You In The Summertime
8. Keeping Me High
9. (Summer In Pain)
10. Heartbeat

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