JEFF the Brotherhood @ Troubadour – 3.27.15 JEFF the Brotherhood @ Troubadour – 3.27.15

Photos and words by Natasha Aftandilians


JEFF The Brotherhood’s show at The Troubador last Friday felt like something of a celebration. The brothers Jake and Jamin Orrall just released their 8th album Wasted on the Dream on their own label Infinity Cat, after being dropped by Warner Bros. That might not seem like reason to celebrate for most bands, but after a contentious few years with the label, the Southern duo were glad to be free from the constraints of the major label system. To quote the band’s official statement, “we are SO FUCKING PLEASED to announce that we have been DROPPED from the clutches of the demented vulture that is Warner Bros! We feel as though a heavy weight has been lifted from our shoulders, and could not be more excited.” They took to the stage ready to shake off those burdensome chains once and let loose.

The brothers Orrall (backed by touring members Chet Jameson and Kunal Prakash) looked like they stepped straight out of a time machine, in shredded jeans and floral blouses with long hair to match (it’s worth mentioning that lead singer Jake Orrall bears a striking resemblance to a young David Crosby). It looked and sounded like the Seventies were alive and well, as hints of their down-home Nashville rock roots and eardrum-bursting psychedelia poured from the speakers. Totally apropos covers of Neil Young meshed surprisingly well with a rendition of Beck’s “Totally Confused” (and after walking up to the tune of Chris de Burgh’s “Lady In Red” it was clear that they had a sense of humor about their musical homages of the night).

The pair packed a wallop into their hour-and-a-half set, with a shirtless, thrashing encore as the “black cherry” on top. They might be relishing their newfound freedom but it’s these kinds of performances that remind you why the gruesome twosome were snatched up by a major label in the first place.

JEFF the Brotherhood @ Troubadour – 3.27.15

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