Japandroids Exclusive Video – Art Czars Japandroids Exclusive Video – Art Czars

Japandroids’ debut release Post Nothing daftly negotiated through a lush and expansive soundscape of naivety and hopefulness. The theme of growth, gained while emerging from adolescence, is constant throughout the effort. In thirty five minutes Post Nothing manages to capture the sound of youth, love, beer, and a carefree attitude. The combination of idyllic romanticism of youth, lazy fuzzy sounds, and high energy garage rock was Pinpoint Music’s top album of 2009

In 2010 Japandroids are releasing a 7” for the first time, actually five different 7’s throughout the year.  Each with an original track as the A side, backed with a cover. The first of these releases came out in April, and features “Art Czars” backed with a cover of the Big Black song “Racer X”. “Art Czars” is a confrontational anthem that “you’ll definitely tell (is a) Japandroids song”.

The next in the series of limited edition 7”s is due out 7/16/10 and features “Younger Us”, from the Post-Nothing sessions, backed with “Sex and Dying in High Society”, a X cover. Although the Art Czars 7” sold out before it was officially on sale you can preorder your copy of Younger Us 7” here.

(Photos by Bootsie)

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