Inspired Flight – We All Want to Fly Inspired Flight – We All Want to Fly

Inspired Flight - We All Want to Fly

Inspired Flight - We All Want to Fly

We All Want to Fly is Inspired Flight’s first album as it follows a 3 song EP released about a year earlier.  Great electronica relies on a delicate balance of beat and minimalist vocals, and Inspired Flight managed such a feat with this full length debut.  Much of the album is at a lower tempo and has more of a chill-out feel.  Don’t make the mistake of thinking it’s simply dreamy lyrics put to rhythmic, plucking guitar as it’s anything but.  Just as you think you have a certain song figured out, Inspired Flight throws in a quality rap verse to mix things up and add depth to the track.  I want to stress the word quality as the album features Scarub and Eligh from Living Legends, as well as Inspectah Deck and Rugged Monk of Wu-Tang Clan fame.  They are serious and meaningful additions to their respective tracks.  Lyrical power from current, mainstream rappers would be ill advised, and you should be ashamed if you were wondering to yourself if the likes of T.I. or Lil Wayne could have held their own amongst the other talent. A certain tenacity is included in every beat and lyric.  Inspired Flight do not take anything for granted and you can tell they are putting everything they have into each track.  They have to make a name for themselves in the music world and anything short of great will simply not do.

Inspired Flight @ Comic Con 2010

While listening, you get the feeling as if the choice in lyrics is deliberate.  Everything is well placed and has a meaning.  There is no rushing or making up new words to rhyme with the previous line.  Unfortunately, there are times when words are drawn out for much too long, almost as if the track was inspired by Radiohead.  When done correctly, the effect can be mesmerizing but certain tracks fall victim to possible inexperience.  The track, “Wishy Washy” is exactly as the name implies.  It’s a drawn out mess and is worthy of a skip.  The same goes for “Peace of Mind Through the Hardest Truths” and “Eight Words.”  The three are not necessarily bad but lack direction.  A new approach to the lyrics would have the possibility of bringing these tracks to the high quality level with the rest of the album.  Besides these small missteps, Inspired Flight creates a beautiful album.

‘It’s the Chemicals’ starts off with a gentle echo and finishes with a great rap verse from Scarub.  The stand out track from the album is ‘Jackie’s Song.’  Inspired Flight got this song completely right in so many ways.  Graceful piano plucking starts and is then accompanied by horns as the two sounds slowly dance around each other.  As if this wasn’t good enough, about halfway through, some of the most sexy and soulful lyrics are included and you never want the song to end.  The album finishes off strong with the help from a member of Wu-Tang Clan.  Great echo effects hit with force and the song takes on a general, uplifting nature.  Inspired Flight are somewhat new to the music scene but have quickly proved they are worthy to incorporate such influential featured artists.  They have created songs with amazing structure and by following this formula, there is no doubt Inspired Flight can come out on top in the electronic scene.

Inspired Flight – We All Want to Fly Tracklist:
1. It’s The Chemicals (feat. Scarub)
2. It Always Takes
3. Pull, Push, Let Go (feat. Eligh)
4. I Won’t Let You Down
5. Wishy Washy
6. Jackie’s Song
7. Before I’m Done (feat. Rugged Monk)
8. Peace Of Mind Through The Hardest Truths
9. An Ocean Of Great Whites (feat. Eligh)
10. Eight Words
11. We All Want To Fly (feat. Inspectah Deck)

Inspired Flight - We All Want to Fly , reviewed by Vintage on 2010-08-11T13:23:31-07:00 rating 4.5 out of 5

3 Responses about “Inspired Flight – We All Want to Fly”

  • Wedsie says:

    Awesome album. One of my favorites of the year.

  • mike says:

    just found out about these guys browsing eligh songs on youtube and decided to take a chance and see what they were all about best descision i have made all year,i havent stopped listening the last 2 days and am stoked to be able to pick up thier we all want to fly album soon.never been this excited about a cd coming out in a long long time

  • Dustin Erickson says:

    Excellent album overall. Not a big music “purchaser,” but I am so glad I got this based on the exquisite “It’s the Chemicals.” Hoping these guys can stick it out and get bigger. Once people give them a listen they will be sure to find alot of fans.