Idle Warship feat. Talib Kweli @ Yoshi’s – San Francisco, CA – 9/19/09 Idle Warship feat. Talib Kweli @ Yoshi’s – San Francisco, CA – 9/19/09

Idle Warship feat. Talib Kweli @ Yoshi's - San Francisco, CA - 9/19/09

Idle Warship feat. Talib Kweli @ Yoshi's - San Francisco, CA - 9/19/09

There has been a void in hip-hop for the last, oh, ten years – somewhere in between the thuggy, chain-tugging, champagne-spraying, dollar bill-counting video porn and the backpack-wearing head nodders; the sexiness I think Justin Timberlake has been talking about, was lost. But guess what J-Lake (that’s what I call him), it has been found, no thanks to you. The only thing I could think of while experiencing Idle Warship live,  was that this crew that Talib Kweli has put together, is doing what Justin Timberlake has been falsely claiming to do.

Made up of everybody’s favorite “conscious” emcee, Talib Kweli, female vocalists, Res and Graph Nobel; Idle Warship performed a high-energy soul show, engaging a mostly date-night crowd that didn’t know what to expect given the venue and what little we all knew about the group Idle Warship, and what we did know about Talib Kweli.

The set started with band getting it going, shortly followed by the very talented and sexy Graph Nobel. Seriously, I have a huge crush on her. She’s Canadian, she’s got swagger, she’s got style and she can go from dangerous emcee to rocking a stage with her amazing voice so smoothly you can’t help but watch in awe. Honestly, as soon as I got home I Google’d just about everything I could about Graph Nobel, and Im kind of devising a plan on how we can meet and start hanging out. I don’t know, I hope it works out.

Anyways, shortly after Graph Nobel, we were introduced to Res, a very captivating and almost flirtatious singer who kinda had this “every girl wants to be her, every guy wants to be with her” quality. All good stuff, and brilliantly staged in a way that drew the audience in, anxiously awaiting the arrival of Talib Kweli to the group – and lets be real, that’s who everyone was there to see. And then, right on time, the duo, now a trio hit the stage together for the first time and we got a chance to really see what Idle Warship was all about. Hot, soulful singers weaving, braiding and trading the spotlight with a world class emcee.

They did some familiar tunes, did some solo stuff and brought the house down with a couple Kweli tunes that would make a fan out of just about anyone. And like your favorite song, movie or TV show you’ve been waiting for all week, it felt like it was over too soon, and all you wanted to do was look around and talk to the person next to you about what you just saw, and annoy your friends who were either bummed they didn’t go or think you’re speaking a foreign language when you bring up anything out of the Top40.

Im sorry ladies, but Justin Timberlake is full of shit. The dude is charming, talented, rich and handsome as hell. But I call bullshit on his attempt to bring “sexy back”. I don’t think it had really gone anywhere, nor fallen out of favor with the shorties. I mean, come on J-Lake, pop music is all about selling sex, you’re just a part of the machine. And even though I have never quite known what Justin Timberlake meant by telling us he was “bringing sexy back”; I feel like I have a much better idea now after experiencing hip-hop/soul trio, Idle Warship; featuring Talib Kweli.

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  • VM says:

    Sweet!!! I took those photos and I must say the show was fucking awesome… Thank you Pinpoint, Talib, Warship and Yoshi’s SF.

  • rowe says:

    My apologogies, much credit to the photographer, Matt Shelley. Thank You!