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Icona Pop - This Is...Icona Pop (2013)

Icona Pop – This Is…Icona Pop (2013)

Pop is important. Like, critical. Pop music is built to provide us, the unwashed and woefully overfed (if underpaid) masses a glorious escalator out from the muddled mores of day to day living into the pure spotlight of easy (if tragically ill-stated) human emotion. It knows sex. It knows sadness. It knows joy and rage and a couple of other grey territories but mostly it plays to the poles and it does so so fucking well that – at this point – it IS the fucking world, buddy.

And we’re all just actors in the simulacrum.


So stick all you want to your indie cred, agit prop, nonsense for no sake, angry underground workaround (lord knows I do, more often than not, because it makes me feel like I wasn’t such a torpid load in high school) because pop don’t care. POP DON’T GIVE A FUCK! Because pop always wins.

Here’s the point in the review where I – were I a “real” journalist – would delve into a cynical McLuhanesque conspiratorial rant on the dehumanization of music through a surfeit of cash-hungry opportunists and then prattle on about how we’re all just pawns in a pleasure game thinking we’re feeling 7-Up when – really – we’re just bred to suck on saccharine so we can forget how fucked we’ve allowed our species to become but I won’t because all I want to do right now is Icona Pop.

Maybe forever and ever ‘til the worms mill my brain to dust and the sun succumbs to herself or not. I don’t know. I don’t care. I’m in on the nihilistic frenzy. “I Love It” is my clarion call. It is the punkest fuck moment ever captured to major wax and rehashed in commercials again and again (not unlike the Butthole Surfers “Goofy’s Concern”) and though it should send me to wretches I can’t help but listening to it above and beyond all else until I reach terminal satiation and then I’ll have the rest of the record to contend with which is – I confess without shame or hesitation – REALLY fucking enjoyable despite having several moments that make me wonder why I ever gave a damn about dancing or girls in loose shirts and Sex in the City pants (“Ready for the Weekend,” “On a Roll”) because tracks like “All Night,” “We Got the World” and “Then We Kiss” are the kind of ribald empowerment party bliss guys like me get out of bed in the morning with wishing we had bitchin’ Camaros to get big-titted Thai lady boy BJs in or just hang out with our girlfriends and FTW or, um…


I mean, I know I’m probably not Icona Pop’s target audience (who I imagine are real pretty, well dressed and don’t stink of two-day sweat and primer and are, perhaps, also Danish) but when I consider the lengths my brain goes listening to what is – essentially – big fun floor music I wonder if maybe, just maybe this record is a bit more sly than I first recognized. Maybe Icona Pop is hip to bitter fat kid conjecture and, so, has written a record that plays to blinking archetypal conventions while working steadfastly to undermine the petty charms of the bourgeoisie with easy smiling fuck fire.

Wouldn’t that be neat? Someone high five Buñuel in Hades for me.

This Is…Icona Pop Tracklist:
01 – I Love It (Feat. Charli XCX)
02 – All Night
03 – We Got The World
04 – Ready For The Weekend
05 – Girlfriend
06 – In The Stars
07 – On A Roll
08 – Just Another Night
09 – Hold On
10 – Light Me Up
11 – Then We Kiss

Icona Pop - This Is...Icona Pop, reviewed by Charles on 2013-10-09T03:17:58-07:00 rating 3.8 out of 5

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