How to Dress Well – The Roxy – 3-19-14 How to Dress Well – The Roxy – 3-19-14

Photos by Michelle Shiers // Michelle Shiers Photography


Ed. Note: Let me be the first to admit that the synthetic R&B lullabies of How to Dress Well do not appeal to me in the slightest to the point that I question the fabric of young America when I hear so many accolades being thrown the way of Tom Krell and his post AM afternoon cognac and lemon delights (the frequency, ya dummy). Mercifully, I am not the sole arbiter of taste behind this red-faced juggernaut (Ben made me promise) as if I was this site would be a constant, clinical deconstruction of the works of GG Allin and all the scumming unterkinds he’s influenced with the narcotic promise of animal freedom and so I defer to Ms. Shiers. She knows her shit, ladies and gentlemen. She’s tapped in to the cool influence of sense and sensuality that tweaks the forms and formulae just enough to ratchet appeal without denying the rooted truth of how it feels when a man loves a man or a woman or both as equally and honestly and she knows damn well how to document it, finely. But who am I telling? You’ve seen her work already floating around our miasma and you’re back because she’s solid and – no matter what my old bones parry or parcel – her subjects are always worth the knowing.

So dig, if you will, her pictures.

How to Dress Well – Pictures from the Roxy – 3-19-14

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