Hot Snakes 3 song reunion @ Casbah + Obits + Night Marchers Hot Snakes 3 song reunion @ Casbah + Obits + Night Marchers

Rick Froberg

Rick Froberg

Excuses for why it took 6 weeks to get this up, I’ll offer a few. Rick Froberg is legend in my book, as are the Hot Snakes. San Diego is where I was born, raised, and have died a lot. For the past two years I’ve basically lived at the Casbah San Diego. So much show that in July 2010, when this epic show took place, I had seen no less than 10 shows there. The best music to come out of San Diego within the last 20 years were the projects that Rick and John Reis put together; Drive Like Jehu, Pitchfork, and Hot Snakes. So maybe my malaise can be written off to a Wayne’s World, we’re not worthy type of moment.
When I arrived early to the Casbah I talked to the sound guy who clued me in that Rick, John, Gar Wood and Jason Kourkounis had been going over some Hot Snakes songs during sound check. After Obits finished and while Night Marchers were still on stage I went outside to find Rick pacing a bit and destroying a few cigarettes. I asked him about some possible Hot Snakes songs to which he said ya its gonna happen, we’re probably gonna fuck it up.
Rather than cheapen this moment with forced hyperbole I’m simply going to offer some pictures that I took, and some video from imputor records. If you weren’t there I hope this wasn’t a one off thing, oh who am I kidding I’m fucking selfish.

Obits @ Casbah 7-29-10

Night Marchers @ Casbah 7-29-10
Hot Snakes @ Casbah 7-29-10

Hot Snakes “Automatic Midnight” Live @ Casbah 07-29-10

Hot Snakes “If Credit’s What Matters I’ll Take Credit” Live @ Casbah 07-29-10

Hot Snakes “No Hands” Live @ Casbah 07-29-10

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