Hot Snakes play impromptu reunion show at Bar Pink San Diego Hot Snakes play impromptu reunion show at Bar Pink San Diego

Rick Froberg and Hot Snakes at Bar Pink (Photo by Andrew Rowley)

The Hot Snakes are quite possibly one of my favorite bands that began and ended during my youth. I was never lucky enough to see Rick Froberg, John Reis, and Gar Wood play during the Automatic Midnight or Suicide Invoice years, but I was fortuitous enough to be at the Casbah in late July 2010. It was there that Rick, John, and Gar would do three songs as Hot Snakes that in retrospect was a precursor to the reunion shows that they’re doing right now.

Last night, November 4th, Hot Snakes did a completely unannounced and impromptu set at Bar Pink (which makes sense because Reis is a partial owner of the bar). Truthfully I didn’t even know they were in San Diego and it’s particularly surprising because they’re due to play in Austin at Fun Fun Fun Fest tonight. I guess Bar Pink was a hometown warm-up.

I got a chance to talk with Rick about six weeks back when he stopped through Los Angeles with Obits. We touched briefly on Hot Snakes, and the handful of shows that they announced. He refused to elaborate any more on other possible future shows only saying if people want to continue to curate shows around them (such is the case with All Tomorrow’s Parties – Nightmare before Christmas) they wouldn’t be against it. As it stands right now they’re playing tonight in Austin, two shows in New York in early December, and then a few European dates around ATP. I sincerely regret not being in San Diego for this one but luckily there are plenty of videographers who were. Enjoy.

Video is courtesy of David McHank and Make sure to check out the stellar artwork David does on his website.

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