Holy Ghost! – Holy Ghost! Holy Ghost! – Holy Ghost!

Holy Ghost! - Holy Ghost!

LCD Soundsystem played their last ever show on April 2nd at Madison Square Garden. Emotional, admirable, a very long gig – it came across as all of these things. James Murphy deserves credit for actually quitting while he was ahead, and hanging up the LCD moniker at a time when interest in the band showed no signs of dipping. Murphy is the figurehead of the DFA label, and LCD Soundsystem were its big hitters. With LCD a thing of the past, which bands are left and fit to carry the name of the label that’s “Too old to be new, too new to be classic”?

Late 2010 saw the release of Shit Robot’s self titled album, and I indeed put fingers to keyboard to say what I thought of that album too. A few stand out tracks, not enough substance. Not enough brilliant songs. With Holy Ghost!, the latest ragamuffins to be causing a stir in the DFA camp, we appear to be unearthing a nagging flaw in the latest incarnations of the DFA sound. First and foremost, I had a hard time distinguishing a lot of these songs after several listens. Now, in an avante-garde leftfield jazz influenced electronic album, that might not be a bad thing – probably the opposite – but from a label whose music is supposedly meant to be funky yet significant, toe-tapping yet deep; i’m gonna go ahead and say that it is. Holy Ghost! will run the grave risk of melding into a 50 minute mesh of 80’s synth, bass and nonsensical lyrics for most listeners.

But I do like to at least try and approach things from another standpoint. Maybe I’m just being a grumpy bastard, for instance. Some of these tracks do manage to carve the “one more listen” factor into your skull, such as the ‘Don’t Stop ‘Til You Get Enough’ plagiarizing jam of “Wait And See”. It’s a similiar story with “Some Children”, which has moments of seemingly genuine funk and soul, and not just a 2011 borrowed knock-off.

Grumpy bastard or no, I can’t convince myself that the sort of party that these songs would be played at wouldn’t be the most beige and inoffensive in the world. Style over substance isn’t always a bad thing. Life would be boring if we didn’t have twonks wearing white jeans and massive sunglasses; but Holy Ghost! isn’t even that cool……I am bordering on indifference. Which is the worst thing of all.

1. Do It Again
2. Wait And See
3. Hold My Breath
4. Say My Name
5. Jam For Jerry
6. Hold On
7. It’s Not Over
8. Slow Motion
9. Static On The Wire
10. Some Children

Holy Ghost! - Holy Ghost!, reviewed by Lemon on 2011-04-20T10:32:22-07:00 rating 2.9 out of 5

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