Exclusive Video: Hi Ho Silver Oh – Perjury Exclusive Video: Hi Ho Silver Oh – Perjury

By the end of day 3 of SXSW you’re mentally, physically and spiritually exhausted. You’ve literally seen hundreds of bands and everything starts to sound the same. The chemicals in your brain start to ache for music that is unique and memorable, while your body is pleading with you for a spurt of sobriety that lasts longer than 3 hours.

At 2am the musical sanctuary that is Hi Ho Silver Oh showed up to the Pinpoint camp at The Lightsey Sage House. Playing with a backdrop of an active creek in the woods of Austin the folk milieu was built even stronger with a chorus provided by the frogs and critters of the thicket. No microphones, and just enough electricity so Hi Ho Silver Oh could empower us with their pure tunes.

Sit back and enjoy

Hi Ho Silver Oh – Perjury

Special thanks to Rowlberto productions, Eric Hoffman, and of course Hi Ho Silver Oh

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