HBO Green-lit Nine Inch Nails’ Year Zero TV Series HBO Green-lit Nine Inch Nails’ Year Zero TV Series

NIN - Year Zero

NIN - Year Zero reports that Trent Reznor finalized a deal with HBO earlier this week and that, “A Year Zero TV mini-series has been green-lit”.

Lawrence Bender (Reservoir Dogs, Pulp Fiction, Kill Bill, etc…) is reportedly attached as Producer alongside Reznor. Trent will not be writing, nor staring, in the show but said, “You might see me in a cameo role at some point, but I won’t promise anything”. Reznor goes on to say, “My goal in this project is to direct the experience, to oversee the creation of Year Zero, this post-apocalyptic world run by a corrupted government. I have to make sure it ties in to the story we have so far, and make sure it doesn’t suck, and to do that I’m going to hire some professional writers.” When asked what other contributions he will be making to the project Reznor replied “I’ve been working on the score with Atticus Ross for quite some time, and I just brought in Clint Mansell. We’ve been toying with some themes and ideas that will tie in very closely with the sound of the album, but the next step for the show is casting. I’ve got a few ideas for actors I would like to see in the show, and I’m meeting with a few next week so we’ll see how that goes.”

So if you’re a NIN fan than this is a big day for you. Apparently Trent is letting hold a contest to win a spot as an extra on the Year Zero TV mini-series. Follow the link above to enter.

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