Happy Hollows @ Troubadour 3-12-10 Happy Hollows @ Troubadour 3-12-10

Friday night at the Troubadour is about as vintage of an LA experience as you can ask for. It’s been over a year now since we’ve been preaching about the sinfully good music The Happy Hollows have been putting out. So when Happy Hollows announced they would be playing a SXSW preview show at the Troubadour, it was a no brainier it would make for an outstanding night.

Even though HH was the early set this evening, they were the ones the crowd came out to see (The Veils closed out the night). Recently featured in a commercial for Samsung (see below) Happy Hollows are finally starting to get some of the national publicity they deserve. This is one of those bands that you see live once and are instantly addicted. Vocalist, Guitarist and pixie, Sarah Negahdari‘s positive attitude is so refreshing; it completely endears you to the whole band. The love for both her craft and the fans shine through in everything she does, and most importantly it rings genuine. Bassist and Vocalist Charlie Mahoney has poise, and skills, in spades. The guy can rock the quiet cool as well as anyone out there. Drummer Chris Hernandez deftly paves the road for the otherworldly journey that is The Happy Hollows with some of the most inventive and clean rhythms in indie rock today.

I constantly wonder if dropping jaws show after show ever looses its edge for The Happy Hollows. If it does you’d never know because the more crowd is in awe the harder they bring it. This show at the Troubadour was exceptional as always.

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