Special $5 Guest List – Happy Hollows @ Pianos NYC Special $5 Guest List – Happy Hollows @ Pianos NYC

<a href="http://thehappyhollows.bandcamp.com/album/spells">Faces by The Happy Hollows</a>

Pinpoint Music is sponsoring a special $5 guest list for The Happy Hollows on 6-23-10 at Pianos NYC. .The Happy Hollow’s Spells was one of our top 5 albums of 2009 and if you haven’t experienced them live then you’re missing out on a epic rock auralgasim that will leave you secretly dreaming of The Happy Hollows the next time you’re listening to your old favorite band.

Just use the form below to email us, you’ll get an email back and then you’re on the list…
Here is the Facebook event because you’ll wanna tell all your friends about it.

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