Happy Hollows & Epic Ruins @ The Satellite (Spaceland) Happy Hollows & Epic Ruins @ The Satellite (Spaceland)

Sarah Negahdari and The Happy Hollows emerged from the studio where they’ve been recording her solo album, to play a backlight drenched, polygon saturated show at the Satellite. Formally known as Spaceland this was one of the first shows under the new Satellite name. It was also the Hollows first show in LA in the last six months, and will most likely be the last for a little bit as they get ready to record the follow up to their Debut LP Spells.

The Happy Hollows were particularly on fire this evening, playing with the love you’d hope for during this homecoming of sorts. Things like Sarah ending the night by hoping off stage and dancing in the crowd gave the entire evening a warm glow feeling that still filled the room even thirty minutes after the set was over.

Co-Headliners Epic Ruins must have been a tough act to follow because they put on a spectacle of sound and sight that pushed the limits of what Satellite can hold. Complete with big ass lasers, Cheech & Chong grade fog machines, and blacklight lit  everything it looked like entering the set of Tron (the old one not that new wave stuff). All the lights and lasers don’t mean anything unless you’ve got the chops to back it up and these men did. I don’t think I’ve had a supporting band leave such an impression on me in 2010 as these guys.

Enjoy the pictures from one of the last good LA shows we’ll see in 2010.

Happy Hollows @ The Satellite (Spaceland) 12-9-10

Epic Ruins @ The Satellite (Spaceland) 12-9-10

3 Responses about “Happy Hollows & Epic Ruins @ The Satellite (Spaceland)”

  • Nick says:

    This was a really sweet show. Those are some sweet photos.

  • Ben says:

    Thanks Nick, I kinda love that you found this post within the first 3 minutes of it going up. Way to be.

  • Puffer says:

    I appreciate your feelings for Sarah and the Happy Hollows. Thank you. They are one of the LA groups that I follow closely.