Gun Outfit – Possession Sound Gun Outfit – Possession Sound

Gun Outfit – Possession Sound

It’s red lights on the road home. No one knows where you’re coming from. No one cares. There’s half a six pack left in the back seat and the desert’s crumbling all around. She might be dead. She might be curled up beside you, smiling through her dreams. It’s hard to tell after the mescaline. It’s hard to give a shit about anything but the lines ahead and the cigarette burning a hole in your lip.

Who the fuck is this? Where the fuck’d you come from? Why are you looking at me like I did it?

It’s fine.

Just drive.

Straight on into the night.

You’ll get there eventually.

Maybe it’s not home. Maybe it’s the road to hell. Maybe you paved it long ago with all the whiskey hope and promises you knew you couldn’t keep but believed…somewhere in this wasteland…you might just find the proof and reason and then…

I need to sleep. I should just pull over. Walk around and get some air and maybe then it’ll make some fucking sense.

The dunes are huge. The rattlers scurry. The scorpions nestle in her hair.

What have I done? What am I going to do? I came here just to find you and suddenly, I’m a fugitive. I’m a good man, though.


We can get away. Just keep at the highway until I die and then they can bury me beside you.

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