Governors Ball 2015 Artist Spotlight – White Lung Governors Ball 2015 Artist Spotlight – White Lung

No one does the whirlwind quite like White Lung and that definitely makes them the odd ducks of the Gov Ball Lineup but I have a sneaking suspicion they couldn’t really give a good, gut fuck because they know that they’ll do more to slack the jaws of the pretty peas and princesses of the party in twenty minutes (their songs being rather succinct) than and band that’s ever played Randall’s Island (except, perhaps, for Deafheaven…holy shit).

Their records are fearsome blazes that blur seamlessly from one power surge to the next and though, sadly, I have only encountered the band by day in Texas (which was less than exhilarating for all parties), I have it on good authority that Misha Way (the powerhouse at the band’s helm) can command a stage like a lioness that just swallowed the face of her tamer.

Here’s “Take the Mirror”:

White Lung plays Saturday, 6.6 at 1:30pm on the Honda Stage.

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