Governors Ball 2015 Artist Spotlight – Strand of Oaks Governors Ball 2015 Artist Spotlight – Strand of Oaks

Sometimes, early in the morning, when the coffee’s first stirring its kicks in my prick there’ll be something on the radio that isn’t all somber condescension or doom-laden post-gender leftist political invectives. One day, it was Strand of Oaks and the sound was so fresh and flamboyantly exhilarated on it’s own bad self, I went ahead and got the record and though, far and away, “Goshen ‘97” is currently and will, likely, be the best damn song this band will ever release, there’s a whole lot of casio soul and beard boy rumble through the long road to hope and recovery populating the rest of Heal to make it more than a casual investment for any one who gives a damn about the power of musical salvation.

Seriously, though…”Goshen ‘97”:

Strand of Oaks play Sunday, 6.7 at 1:30pm on the Honda Stage.

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