Governors Ball 2015 Artist Spotlight – Charlotte OC Governors Ball 2015 Artist Spotlight – Charlotte OC

You know who’s awesome? Annie fucking Lennox. And yet, we never really talk about her like we do Patti Smith or Grace Jones or any of the other venerated sirens of postmodern androgynous inspiration and that’s a fucking sin because her prowess is STILL astounding and her influence infinitely wider.

I mean, just dig on Charlotte OC. Her sound is total siren chills and witchy pop raven spotlights. It’s glossy as hell and fashionably sculptural like an Alexander Wang queen sharpening her teeth for a death rave and it pulsates with the yen of a Berlin sex dream.

And without Annie, it would have no rubble to build its soul shadow house upon.

Just dig “On & On”:

Charlotte OC plays Saturday, 6.6 at 12:15pm on the Honda Stage.

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