Governors Ball 2015 Artist Spotlight – Charli XCX Governors Ball 2015 Artist Spotlight – Charli XCX

Listening, I know most folks won’t need me to sell them a load of crushing on Charli XCX (who pretty much MADE every hell-yes party jam of the last few summers) but I’m going to anyway because I never get to talk about Charli XCX in these pages and that’s probably a good thing because all I’d do is fawn and croon like a schoolboy drunk on Margarita Mix and the scent of Victoria’s Secret bags.

Then suffer a minor embolism only to be revived by an endless repeating of “Boom Clap” which is pretty much the best fist-pumping, grin-cracking, unapologetic gym jam I’ve heard since…well, “I Love It,” I guess.

What I’m saying is this some total pop armada shit that deserves every bit of your sleeveless respect.


Charli XCX plays Friday, 6.5 at 3:00pm on the Honda Stage.

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