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Dubstep, as a genre, has grown tremendously since its beginnings in the early 2000’s. This fact cannot be emphasized enough. The genre, which was originally a combination of already established styles, seems to be hinged on the idea of innovation and evolution. There is no need to become upset regarding popular derivations when dubstep literally changes its outfit every few months. As it stands now, there are a handful of sub-styles which litter the genre’s history. Given the right amount of patience and research one can appreciate the revisit earlier incarnations. Enter Japanese producer Goth Trad and his recent LP New Epoch.

Goth Trad has been around since the mid 00’s with prolific work in the then emerging style of dubstep. The producer, along with a group of Tokyo artists allowed Japan to become a somewhat respectable center for a style originating in England. Goth Trad has been attached to remixes, mixes and compilations from dubstep’s largest artists including Pinch and Skream. This is not the first Goth Trad LP nor is it one which comes with any particular hype. New Epoch rather slides in unexpected and makes a strong case for one of the best electronic albums of 2012. I understand it is only January so I can make that claim.

My wife and I were having a conversation while New Epoch was playing in the car. She, who enjoys Skrillex the same way people enjoy potato chips, failed to see how subtlety and craft were positive aspects of an electronic record. Everything in New Epoch comes with slow restraint from the first beat break 3 minutes into the opening track to the only appearance of vocals in the seventh song. My wife’s misunderstanding is not out of ignorance rather it shows the divide between views on electronic music versus electronic dance music.

New Epoch is a glorious journey through subterranean basements and caverns only illuminated by bare bulbs and the soft glow of an LCD screen. Its tribute and worship of mid-00’s dubstep reminds the audience of a time when bass drops and wobbles could be used with finesse and care. Additionally, New Epoch’s use of dub melodies is relieving given the sheer amount of ignorance current culture has to reggae’s role in dubstep. Goth Trad’s low end creates a strong yet unnerving base in which mid range sounds buzz around like perturbed wasps. Drumbeats and handclaps strike down from above giving the listener as much reason to head bob as to flee for their lives.

It is true that New Epoch will not get a party moving like Rusko or Cookie Monsta. If it did, then I would hazard a guess you invited ten people with a deep appreciation for heady electronic music. Goth Trad celebrates being alone without being lonesome. Though the nature of dance and electronic music have become two separate entities, one has not superseded the other. My wife and her bag of “Skrillex’s Sour Cream and Onion Chips” is no less deserving than my basement party played to an audience of one. We now know how we shall spend our Friday nights. Time to turn off the lights and reflect.


Man In The Maze
Walking Together
Babylon Fall Featuring Max Romeo
Anti Grid
New Epoch

Goth Trad - New Epoch, reviewed by Kaptain Carbon on 2012-01-20T07:18:17-08:00 rating 3.8 out of 5

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  • IchiSom says:

    Great producer, great sound and great album. I’m with you one hundred percent.