Gorgeous Got a Gun vs. Scott Pilgrim vs. the World Gorgeous Got a Gun vs. Scott Pilgrim vs. the World

Remember battle of the bands from your local burg? You know the one 12 of your friends entered despite the fact they had only been practicing together every Tuesday for two months. The battle of the bands contest put on to promote the upcoming Hollywood summer blockbuster Scott Pilgrim vs. the World was kinda like that. But instead of the grand prize being a chance to play a Friday night gig at Pizza Hut in this iteration of the battle the winning act won the opportunity to have their video included on the DVD release of the movie, and a chance to headline 2 shows at an exclusive Comic Con event. As you could imagine the sheer amount of talented musicians who entered this contest was staggering, it actually had to be capped off at 1,000 acts. Out of those 1,000 bands 8 were selected to battle it out online in a head to head bracket in which the winner was voted on by the fans. The group who had the mettle to take on all comers and prevail was Southern California indie pop band Gorgeous Got a Gun.

Fronted by the armed and dangerous Veronica Torres Gorgeous Got a Gun (GGG) is aimed at blending a dance pop vibe with more traditional guitar driven rock anthems. This style is best exemplified in their song that took down the contest “Violent Games”. It’s carefree rock thats hooks are easily accessible regardless the age.

GGG used their opportunity at Comic Con 2010 to unveil their rock power to a bevy of new fans that waited in line for hours to get into the Scott Pilgrim vs. the World experience. Day two of the event saw Scott Pilgrims’ Jason Schwartzman introducing GGG before they put the finishing touches on a memorable performance.

In a world where it seems some bands fall into fame it’s nice to see a band like GGG fight and win their shot at rock stardom.

GGG is:
Veronica Torres – Vox|Guitar|Synth
Jimi Blaze – Bass|Synth
Ernesto Rivas – Guitar
Josh Zeigler- Drums

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