GonjaSufi – A Sufi and A Killer GonjaSufi – A Sufi and A Killer

GonjaSufi - A Sufi and A Killer

GonjaSufi - A Sufi and A Killer

A lot of music tends to sound the same these days. Even if you happen to stumble upon something that stumps you for a moment or two, you’ll usually be able to quickly identify a pattern.  The band with three guitarists. The band that does harmonies. The acoustic guitar guy.  The band that should forget about the 70’s.

Thankfully there’s no chance of that with A Sufi and a Killer, the full length album from LA Hip Hop producer Gaslamp Killer and rapper/singer/Yoga teacher, Gonjasufi. A Sufi and a Killer is without question one of the most eclectic albums you’re likely to hear this year.

The voice is certainly the first thing you’ll pick up on. An impossibly soulful rasp, Gonjasufi’s voice lends itself perfectly to what tends to be, generally speaking, hip hop orientated instrumentation. Nowhere is this more evident than on the first track proper, “Kobwebz”, with an eastern jam being played out while Gonjasufi lets out a howling, distorted lament. It’s a similar story further in, with “Kowboyz&Indians” (This boy better watch out for the Gramma Police) showing his voice being used in a rap song along with an eastern style female vocal  and some levels being distorted to hell. Like the soundtrack to Slumdog Millionaire, if it had been a horror film.

But A Sufi and a Killer isn’t obsessed with hip hop, thankfully. Take “Sheep”, a truly beautiful song about wanting to be a sheep instead of a lion (“Cos then I wouldn’t have to eat/ Animals that are dyin’”.  Tender acoustic guitars and gentle female vocals create a genuinely touching ballad. Similarly the likes of “Change” and the brilliant “Duet” create astonishingly warm hip hop moments. The influences are fairly easy to spot, but thankfully they are plenty. The gorgeous funk of “Candylane” even sounds like a haunted version of Outkast’s “Ms. Jackson”. Sufi even touches on the classic Warp IDM sound on the blip blop of “Holidays”, “This life I live is like a lonely race/The only way through these lonely days/ Is to pick up those times I’ve thrown away/When will this feeling go away?”

Whilst the fact that A Sufi and a Killer shares much in common with label mate Flying Lotus’ brilliant album ‘Los Angeles’ in terms of having a relatively large amount of songs, most of which are brief, after repeated listens A Sufi and a Killer reveals itself to be both an incredible listen from start to finish and also an album of great songs. You’ll have a great time picking out influences and different sounds, and also the hazy, blissed out atmosphere that Gonjasufi manages to create from start to finish. A Sufi and a Killer is far and away one of the most diverse releases of the year thus far.

Flying Lotus says it best. “Timeless, incredible filth”.

GonjaSufi - A Sufi and A Killer, reviewed by Lemon on 2010-03-26T10:32:34-07:00 rating 4.3 out of 5

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