Girls Names – 12″ Vinyl EP Girls Names – 12″ Vinyl EP

Girls Names- EP

Girls Names- EP

Girls Names are an Irish duo turned trio of twenty-somethings making guitar pop very much in the vein of 80’s post punk bands Beat Happening and The Jesus And Mary Chain. 80’s influences are nothing new these days, (an odd sentence if you think about it) and thankfully upon first listen of Girls Names there are several more contemporary acts that one can attribute their reverb drenched sound to.

Opener “Don’t Let Me In” is probably the track here that’s most directly comparable to Beat Happening, but it’s woozy guitar chords and occasional indulgence in use of the whammy bar point to more hip influences such as Palm Beach natives Surfer Blood. “Warm Hands, Cold Heart” is the most striking cut of the EP, catching those expecting a wishy washy reverb EP off guard. A jangling riff provides the meat of the song, before a riff not dissimilar to UK scamps Arctic Monkeys’ takes over.

“I Guess” again points to the sort of pretty harmonics employed by the Florida indie rock band, yet it’s frantic mid section is far more of a jangley mess than anything on Astro Coast. And there’s the sinister riff which closes out the song, signalling the most sinister area of the band’s debut EP before the brilliant highlight “Graveyard” kicks in. A wonderfully carefree Vampire Weekend riff skitters alongside frontman Cathal Cully’s depressed drone, “That’s how it started with a kiss/ that’s how it ended with a kiss”. “Graveyard” at first feels like an oddly unsuitable title for a track with such a chirpy hook and urgent drum beat, but Cully’s vocals and sinister lyrical content (“Now you’re dancing on my grave/you couldn’t wait till they put me in the ground”) soon earn the track it’s namesake.

Girls Names have released a solid, albeit brief (10 minutes? Really?) debut EP. While not entirely groundbreaking, it is refreshing to hear a band that not only recognizes what was good about 80’s guitar music, but also knows what makes a good tune in 2010.

Girls Names - 12" Vinyl EP, reviewed by Lemon on 2010-10-11T12:38:13-07:00 rating 3.8 out of 5

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