Gift of Gab – Escape 2 Mars Gift of Gab – Escape 2 Mars

Gift of Gab - Escape 2 Mars

Gift of Gab - Escape 2 Mars

There’s something beautiful and incomprehensible about experiencing someone as they put the mastery of their craft out on display. Like literally, as hard as you try to figure the shit out; you can’t help but find yourself in awe, ignoring your own logic and reason, staring, like a guy on mushrooms.

Michael Jackson’s ability to dance in the 80’s, Omar Vizquel at shortstop, Bob Ross in front of a canvas of happy trees, Kobe Bryant when he goes “Black Mamba” – all insanely gifted people whose level of skill leaves me dumbstruck every time, like a person seeing a “moving picture” for the first time back in the 1800’s. And now, submitted for the approval of the midnight society, I’d like to present Gift of Gab and his supreme mastery of lyricism to the pantheon of unparalleled ridiculous talent. Dude is real good.

Escape 2 Mars is just another platform, amongst his many offerings, for Gift of Gab to show that, while others may be above average or even good, he’s performing at a level that most of the world doesn’t even know exists.

What’s special about Escape 2 Mars, as opposed to other solo or side projects, is how well each track works with the one before it and after it, its dedication to the overall themes and overall cohesiveness. I mean, maybe a dreamy space-theme is kinda easy to pull off, and maybe dope lyricism can cover for a few underdeveloped song concepts, and just maybe it’s near impossible to fuck up any song featuring Del and Brother Ali if you’re Gift of Gab – but if your only weaknesses are a very obvious album concept and a few songs that feel a bit pedestrian, (I’m sure there could be a few others if we’re gonna get nit-picky); then simply witness and listen to Gift of Gab do with words what Hendrix did with a left-handed guitar.

Track Listing:
1. E2mtro
2. El Gifto Magnifico
3. Light Years
4. Dreamin’ ft. Del The Funky Homosapien & Brother Ali
5. In Las Vegas
6. Escape 2 Mars
7. Electric Waterfalls
8. Richman, Poorman
9. Somathapeople
10. Spotlight
11. Rhyme Travel

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