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Ghostface Killah - Apollo Kids

Ghostface is a time machine. But not like a Back to the Future Delorean time machine, the Ghostface Killah time machine only travels from the present to the mid 1990’s, and back. That is to say, despite his many endeavors and a brief journey into the R&B world, nothing has fundamentally changed in like, 15 years, for Ghostface. He’s got nicer samples and cleaner production, but Apollo Kids is exactly what you think it is. Aggressive rhymes that remind you of your friend busting through the door on a Saturday morning after one of those I “just saw some shit” kind of nights, featuring Wu-friendly collabs, where the lyricist and the voice are the stars.

But is this type of consistency a bad thing? This is my dilemma.

Do we want our artists to evolve over time? What if they change for the worse? If they don’t change with the times, does that make the music stale? Does an artist’s consistency over time mean they, fuck what does that mean? Were the members of Wu-Tang that original, ahead of their time, timeless?

God, sometimes I really hate being asked to be critical of music. Who gives a shit about any of this? You either like it or you don’t. I suppose you could be indifferent, but that’s something too. Despite your preference, it’s impossible to deny the influence of Ghostface. Tell me Doom didn’t listen to Ghostface and I’ll call you a liar; and tell me Ghostface doesn’t have integrity in his music and I promise you I will stop reading your twitter feed. That’s a promise.

Ghostface knows who he is, he knows his strengths and he knows how to let you know in an instant that he can still bring it. I suppose the samples and melodies on Apollo Kids are sometimes inconsistent, but it doesn’t take away from the feeling that nothing has changed. Ghostface is your redheaded friend busting through the door at 8:30am the next day, still wearing what he had on from last night, chain smoking like a mother, looking like hell, exclaiming “the craziest thing happened to me last night”. You know that dude.

1. Purified Thoughts
2. Superstar
3. Black Tequila
4. Drama
5. 2getha Baby
6. Starkology
7. In Tha Park
8. How You Like Me Baby
9. Handcuffin’ Them Hoes
10. Street Bullies
11. Ghetto
12. Troublemakers

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