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Geographer - Animal Shapes

Geographer - Animal Shapes

In 2009, Spin magazine named Geographer as one of the “three undiscovered bands you need to hear.” This publicity and break is critical for bands wanting to break out of the murky under-depths of obscurity. In recent times, blog hype and initial press surrounding a band has been a easy way to circumvent the long tedious build up of local and regional popularity. This initial impression could also be damming if the debut on mainstream is met with less than favorable reviews. Geographer has not “blown up” or even “exploded on the mainstream,” but their second proper release shows great promise from a band I have never heard before.

Animal Shapes is the second release from San Fransicso based band. In 2008, Geographer self released “Innocent Ghosts.” Oddly enough many people are discovering this band backwards, so Innocent ghosts remains much of a mystery as oppose to widely available Animal Shapes EP. Following their 7” inch “Kites” release, Animal Shapes expands the beautiful yet moody world proposed by the band; started on their debut record.. The world proposed consists of dreamy synth lines, low resonating cello and an almost melancholic attention to choral lines. Animal Shapes is far from dark yet they are nowhere near anything resembling upbeat. With influences ranging from The Smiths, Echo and The Bunnymen and Modern English, Geographer crafts a world which rests comfortably between 1984 and 2007.

I find it inappropriate to judge a band based off an mid album EP. Usually EPs are shorter and give the band the perfect time to impress and no time to bore. A short 20 minute record is a perfect amount of time to propose exaggerated promises of full length magnitude. While I have been let down before, Geographer’s Animal Shapes makes it hard to believe otherwise. The tight and almost flawless approach to presenting six songs is stunning. Each song holds its own sugary charm which makes it almost impossible not to enjoy at some length. Their greatest attribute could alo be their biggest flaw.

Geographer is a darling band. Their vocals are sweet and painfully innocuous. There are no edges or anything harmful on the Animal Shapes EP. There exists a lack of challenge beyond late 00’s indie pop. This could be the biggest selling point for some while the turning point for others. I can surmise that many of Geographer’s fans will come for their painful view of the world rather than their sneering “fuck the world” attitude. Georgrapher is comfortable with tea and biscuits rather than whiskey and Marlboro Reds. I doubt this band will “blow up” or “hit it big” but I could see no less than a devout following and steady line of positive reviews.

Geographer - Animal Shapes, reviewed by Kaptain Carbon on 2010-11-02T17:41:06-07:00 rating 3.4 out of 5

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