Gacha – When the Watchman Saw the Light Gacha – When the Watchman Saw the Light

Gacha - When the Watchman Saw the Light (2014)

Gacha – When the Watchman Saw the Light (2014)

We remember the artist as a young man, pale and fretful, raising the dawn on a rooftop somewhere in the Foothills of San Gabriel. We remember him with a Big Gulp and a best friend beside him, saying nothing. Sighing, maybe. Pretending everything is going to be just fine because the day…the day is safe and another friend, an acquaintance maybe, someone he’ll lose soon and presume dead for years until he finally comes out of the Aloha closet, watches a test pattern wave from grey to green and again, giggling like a schoolgirl drunk on the success of her violence.

We remember him there as our train rolls past white bows and furrowed branches, cracking faint, overwhelmed by the torrent of Monday’s sleepless mourning because in that moment, the artist should change, become. Spark an unquestioned ascent to querulous genius through fate and fortune and good old-fashioned Angelean bullshit the likes of which a thousand and one treatments have ground since the advent of the lion down to the finest of speedballs blood money can buy.

But he doesn’t. Not then. Not ever, perhaps, though – admittedly – our memory is nothing quite like it used to be in the days of pearling swine. Or maybe he did and we were simply too lost in liquor and lust to admit it.

Whatever the case, we remember him then as he was: terrified. Though for once not feeling so lonesome, alone in this long con of phonies, luddites and curs parading the shadows in one lurch over the hill and before them, arms in hand, lisping epithets and the television brat still giggling…even then and the other, face down on the ground.

We remember him as he happened to be, because he happened there and then we wish sometimes we could live with him in that instance as a waning silhouette in the glow, not the gloaming for which we’ve found ourselves so often, unsteadily, known because…

Well, Christ, man.

Because the kid was just so fucking alive then.

And what are we but porcelain dreams? Electric sheep shore up the horizon.

When the Watchman Saw the Light Track List:

A1 – Saysea (featuring Natalie Beridze Tba)
A2 – New Grass
A3 – Fantasy
B1 – Atlas (featuring Natalie Beridze Tba)
B2 – Ghosty Head
B3 – Afterglow

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