G-Eazy / Jay Ant / Kehlani / Kool John @ Emo’s – 1.29.15 G-Eazy / Jay Ant / Kehlani / Kool John @ Emo’s – 1.29.15


Ed. Note: G-Eazy is an East Bay impresario, reworking the West coast wiring of hip hop one slick shit verse at a time though he could just be as easily lauded for his work as a beat blaster (no jacks, please) or straight up songsmith…you know, legitimate talent cum illicit entertainment all the youth of America are hot hot HAWT! and bothering themselves over and so, of course, Ms. Boyd went screaming rightly to cover his spitfire tour as it made its way through Austin recently. When she got there, though, she found that as much as the packed house was clamoring with beer and sweat and anticipation for the man once known as Gillum they were just as stoked for the Heart Break Gang, a collective of fellow Oakland MCs (herein represented by Jay Ant, Kehlani and Kool John) whose rough-ridden rhymes expand on the possibility that maybe NYC isn’t where it’s at, anymore and neither is LA. Forget about Philly. Hip Hop lives in the Bay and it rises high as hell with all the colors, shades and genders representing truth to power of the positive party taking over the motherfucking world. Ms. Boyd can testify. Now dig, if you will, her pictures.

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