FYF Fest 2013 Artists Spotlight: FLAG FYF Fest 2013 Artists Spotlight: FLAG

FLAGThere once was a band called Black Flag and they played punk rock music. They practiced a lot, played a lot of shows and put out a bunch of records most of which were so blindingly pissed off and snarlingly anti-authoritarian the band is often remembered less fondly as punks and more frequently as hardcore. TomAto, TomAHto, I punch you in the nuts. Anyway, the band started off in ’76 (then called Panic) and broke up ten years later and in the course of their history went through a fuckload of different members some of whom went on to play in the Circle Jerks, The Descendents, The Misfits (not the good kind) and are also Henry Rollins. This year, some of those people (Keith Morris, Chuck Dukowski, Bill Stevenson, and Dez Cadena with the help of Descendents/All axe maestro, Stephen Egerton) decided to start playing Black Flag songs at shows under the banner FLAG because Greg Ginn is playing as Black Flag and there are lawsuits and shit and they are fucking ridiculous because they all still play punk rock music all the time unlike some other aged Canadians and cat fanatics that come to mind. Anyway, they’re bringing some classic SoCal devastation to FYF this weekend so you should expect some stage dives, circle pits and good old beer can singalongs. Party

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