FYF 2013 Artist Spotlight: Yeah Yeah Yeahs FYF 2013 Artist Spotlight: Yeah Yeah Yeahs

Let’s take a journey way back into antiquity; back to Friday, April 12th, 2013, on the polo fields of Coachella, California.  At about 9pm, in front of the main stage, shame started to wash over me.  A dirty…sticky…film of shame.  Who was this band transmitting electricity straight into my frontal cortex?  Who was this amazing woman possessed by the god of rock?  Why was she deep throating the microphone, while making sounds reminiscent of a Tibetan Buddhist monk throat singing a cover of a death metal song?  And, of course, the most shameful question I had to ask myself: Why hadn’t the Yeah Yeah Yeahs even been a blip on my radar until now?  These questions must be answered, and this shame must be washed from my soul.

The answers to most of my questions end at one name, Karen O.  The surprisingly energetic front woman commands an audience like few I have had the pleasure of witnessing.  Rounding out the band is keyboardist Nick Zinner, and drummer Brian Chase (the guitarist David Pajo has also been a touring member of the band since 2009).  You may have heard the albums’, and you may have watched the videos’; but, if you have never seen the YYYs live, you are only working with partial knowledge how great this band is.  If fact, go online, and buy tickets for the next show near you right now…..go ahead, I’ll wait.

This New York based band is currently touring after the release of their fourth studio album, Mosquito, which was released April of this year.  Their post-punk style of indie rock lends itself naturally to the dancing masses; inciting uncontrollable movement of the feet, and bobbing of the head.  Fresh off a cock-raising performance at the Outside Lands Music and Arts Festival on August 10th, the band is sure to electrify the crowd again at L.A.’s FYF festival, this Saturday, August 24th.  They hit the Carrie stage at 10:45 pm.  Fair warning, the microphone will almost certainly end up down Karen’s pants at some point; so if that puts you off in any way, then you probably shouldn’t be at a music festival in the first place.  Get there early, get close, and get ready to rock out.

Also check out a bunch of Yeah Yeah Yeah pictures we just got from Outside Lands 2013

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