Future Of The Left – Polymers Are Forever Future Of The Left – Polymers Are Forever

Future Of The Left - Polymers Are Forever

Future of the Left are a bunch of assholes. They will push you down and take you lunch money leaving only bruises in their wake. The band is derived from a lineage of assholes with half of the members being from the disbanded act Mclusky — who are also a bunch of assholes. Future of the Left is a caustic blend of teeth clenching post punk and bloody nose rock and roll. Since 2007, the band has attempted to explore the intersection between aggression and irreverence with nothing less than stellar successes. In 2012 the band will return with their third record The Plot Against Common Sense. Before the expected slap in the face, we are given verbal taunts in the form of the Polymers Are Forever EP which is shouted by a group of bullies over the schoolyard.

In 2010, long time collaborator and one of the founding members Kelson Mathias left the band leaving Andy Falkous and drummer Jack Egglestone looking for replacements. In the same year, Future of The Left took on Julia Ruzicka and Jimmy Watkins. The band, now a foursome, marks a new chapter with a new album and an obvious new sound. The Polymers Are Forever EP acts as advertisement, preview and harbinger for a new 2012 Future Of the Left — one that still retains its original violence yet with vastly different rhythms.

I am just going to stop the review here and say that Polymers Are Forever is odd. From the opening title track, the band’s sound has expanded to include full time keyboards and an unhealthy desire for experimentation. There are undeniable highlights on this EP including the blistering nostalgic sing along “New Adventures” and the all too short “With Apologies to Emily Pankhurst.” But then there are the others and it is these which give me an undeniable sense of worry.

I am glad Future Of the Left is expanding their sound. While they made two near flawless records basically comprising of the same formula, I know it wouldn’t last forever. Sure, I am open to change but one half of Polymers is mired in a weird artistic swamp. As if possessed by the spirit of Slint, Future Of the Left breaks down their raucous rhythms to a spoken word crawl with “My Wife Is Happy” and “destroywhitchurch.com.” Granted, these tracks could work sandwiched by other more upbeat selections but when they populate half of the EP, it gives cause for concern.

One of the best parts about Future Of the Left and their asshole forefathers is a tenacity to create tension with humor. The band retains a wonderful talent of crafting memorable lyrics which border on poetry and bathroom graffiti. Even with a deprecating sense of sarcasm, the music still poked like jagged shards of glass. Both live and on record, the band employed a merry disposition which allowed for barfights and broken bones. Polymers Are Forever is weird and sees the band going in another direction.

One of my largest worries is a newer generation never experiencing the sharp pain of a sliced finger and the horrific antiseptic of lemon juice. It is still unknown how this new EP fits into the larger 2012 release. Perhaps these are b-sides or rough drafts of later works which will be polished. Perhaps none of this will ever be re-recorded and shelved under “misdirection.” I hope for the best, because all I want tonight is to punched mercilessly by four rouges. Gentleman and ladies, I eagerly await for you to kick the ever living shit out of me.

1. Polymers Are Forever
2. With Apologies to Emily Pankhurst
3. New Adventures
4. My Wife is Unhappy
5. Dry Hate
6. destroywhitchurch.com

Future Of The Left - Polymers Are Forever, reviewed by Kaptain Carbon on 2011-11-29T12:48:56-08:00 rating 2.5 out of 5

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  • Charles says:

    I share your crave concern though I read somewhere that those last three crap tracks are unremedied demos. I need Falco. NEED HIM BAD!