Future of the Left Interview – SXSW 2012, etc. Future of the Left Interview – SXSW 2012, etc.

SXSW 2012 was – by all accounts – the closest thing to a Bacchanalia that Pinpoint (as a whole) has ever experienced. So much beer. So very much pork. Hot tubs and wet heat and rock and confusion and somehow, in the middle of all that, we managed to snag the attention of Future of the Left (one of favorite goddamn bands, hands down) for a chat. It didn’t go as planned. Charles was tired and sweaty and confused and the Welsh wit espoused by singer Andrew Falkous threw him for a bumbling loop de loop.

He, of course, blames the microphone.

Poor excuses aside, the whole affair ended as well as it could have (the band actually being quite charming) and later that night Charles could be seen drunk and slung over the shoulder of guitarist Jimmy Watkins, screaming “REVENGE!” to the delight of pretty much no one on Congress Street (he thinks).

Unfortunately, there is no known footage of said exchange but we do have some material of the band performing “Robocop 4 – Fuck Off, Robocop” at St. Vitus that June which you’ll see included in the video below.

Much gratitude is owed to the band for their patience, Jerry Graham at The Syndicate for setting the whole thing up, True Blue Tattoo for hosting us and Melissa Huffsmith-Roth for excellence in creative editing (without which this whole post would not be possible).


Future of the Left Interview – SXSW 2012 from Pinpoint Music on Vimeo.

Editor: Melissa Huffsmith-Roth
Camera 1: Ben Irwin
Camera 2: Eric Hoffman
Interview Audio: Eric Hoffman
Live Footage: Charles Nickles

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