Future of the Left @ Europa (6.17.12) & St. Vitus (6.18.12) Future of the Left @ Europa (6.17.12) & St. Vitus (6.18.12)

Words and Photos by Charles
It’s been a month since Future of the Left tore ass through a two night Brooklyn stint (they also did an in store at Generation Records which I skipped on account of not wanting to appear like a slithering shutterbug/mouth-breathing superfan) and I’m just now sober enough to share some snapshots of the experience (though the bruises and the ringing persist). Not that you haven’t seen this band before. We, at Pinpoint, have a deep, dark Atlantic love for these boys (and girl) and captured several of their appearances at SXSW this year (we interviewed them too and, one day, we’ll show you the footage) but that was nothing. That was bullshit. That was a band ushering a new peak of creativity before an immovable, cross-armed sea. What you see below is a band in their element: small, hot clubs filled with overeager drunks knocking each others’ fucking teeth out (Ed. Note: There is no evidence this actually happened) while shredding their lungs to tracks like “Arming Eritrea,” “Robocop 4: Fuck Off, Robocop” and the almighty McLusky classic “Lightsaber Cocksucking Blues.” It was a good fucking time, a necessary experience. Too many shows I’ve been to lately have been wan tantrums masquerading as art, judged cooly by bloggers and nitwits and the ne’er-do-wells who somehow have it in their heads that if you show enthusiasm at a show in NYC you’ve slipped status to the working man and then what will Brooklyn Vegan think? Pitchfork? Vice? But not these nights. These nights Future of the Left delivered maximum rock at maximum volume with wet belts, wide grins and an air of determined exuberance that left us feeling that a world well-fucked could be set right again.

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