Future Islands @ The Fonda – 8.22.14 Future Islands @ The Fonda – 8.22.14

Future Islands - The Fonda - 8-22-14_BI3152

Ed. Note: I like Rocket from the Crypt and, back in the days when they were still cranking out the grease rock megaphones, I’d dare say I fucking loved them. I saw them thirteen times, give or take, during my ten-year tenure in Speedo’s Army. Mostly, the gigs were in NYC but I also saw them on the Warped Tour in Northhampton, at the Blue Bird in Denver and even flew out to San Diego to see their farewell show which was well-worth the dough but left me wanting since I knew that was my last chance to hear “Ciao Patsy!” and I didn’t. Oh well. Such is life as a rock and roll devotee. Funny thing is, I’m pretty sure Ben’s seen Future Islands as many times just in 2014. He’s certainly eclipsed me in the spare years since he first caught them at the Echop in July of 2011. He just loves the band, it seems, and no one can say as they blame him. Future Islands wear the heavy crown of the post-romantic maelstrom with a pride and aplomb unmatched and Sam, well Sam is one of the most dynamic fucking frontman to ever tear his heart out on the stage. Here’s more evidence to Ben’s credit. Now dig, if you will, his pictures.

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