Future Islands – Live Video and Pictures from Pappy and Harriet’s – 4-17-14 Future Islands – Live Video and Pictures from Pappy and Harriet’s – 4-17-14

All words, photos, and video, by Ben

Future Islands – A Song For Our Grandfathers – Live at Pappy and Harriets


I hoped what I would find at the intersection of blind faith and risk was some type of reward. As 10pm rolled around and I waited on a craigslist stranger, who I never even spoke with, to drive me 2 hours out to the middle of the desert, I accepted that the possible outcomes of this trip ranged from legendary adventure to casino style dirt nap in a shallow grave.

Fuck it, I figured there’s got to be some common bond with anyone who is willing to drive nearly 150 miles, and stay out until 6am on a work night to catch a Future Islands at Pappy and Harriet’s in the middle of some nowhere called Pioneertown. If I’m going to die rolling the dice at least I’ll leave a story.


What is it about Future Islands that would push me to these lengths to catch their show. There were plenty of reasons to justify my staying at home; I just couldn’t shake that feeling though. It’s rare to witness meaningful art at its zenith, and it’s an even scarcer experience to be able to do so while realizing that’s what’s happening.

How did Future Islands get here? Call it the Louis CK career path. Toil your ass off in virtual obscurity for about a decade, while crafting a truly singular body of work, and then when the general public finally catches up, present yourself graciously as everyone calls you an overnight sensation. Only through relentless pressure and an arduous journey can a diamond be formed.


The strange road I traveled to see the Future Islands show that night pales in comparison to the one they took to get there. When I arrived though I was greeted not only with an unforgettable evening of music under the desert stars but more importantly a life lesson; sometimes it takes not being so young anymore to appreciate youthful experiences. Future Islands played to a mixed crowd of fans like myself who made a specific vision quest to see them that night, and Coachella kids who were there to cram an extra night of partying in ahead of the shit show they were about to spend the weekend wading through. That’s when I saw it; Future Islands playing with a type of self-realization that can only be earned by going all twelve rounds, and the unadulterated pleasure that comes only once you’ve crossed over to the other-side. This is a band that labored long and hard for the opportunity to share the romance of youth with all of us.

Future Islands Pictures from Pappy and Harriet’s – 4-17-14

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