Future Islands – In Evening Air Future Islands – In Evening Air

Future Islands – In Evening Air

Future Islands – In Evening Air

Not every reason is a revelation. Not every instance an eclipse. Some things just happen. Some times just pass. We live our lives. Some of us die. Others mourn and still more move on without notice.

Most of us forge perfectly unremarkable paths for ourselves. Settling into familiar circumstances. Routines, roles played before us and repeated countless times until the world stops spinning and the sun sets on the human empire once and, finally, for all.

And I have argued (often) that’s a bad thing. I’ve cried for challenges and transcendence. Asserting nothing soft is worth feeling. Nothing should ever be the same. Art should matter and matter should fight and we should consider ourselves lucky to suffer and bleed with dignity on our feet, opposing complacency.

Mostly, we remain unscathed.

And that’s okay.

Because we are not all revolutionaries. We are not all champions. We are not all defying the world to be a better place…at least, not every day.

Sometimes we’re just walking by. Getting on. Surviving on the pieces of happiness we can pick up along the way. Small punctuations welcoming the truth that it’s not always so terrible out there.

Though it’s not so extraordinary either.

Sometimes all it is is all we know.

The same faces. The same stories. The same streets. The same time year after year after year and the same need to break out before we become something we detest. Some breeder. Some wage slave. Some nameless star in the cosmic armor. Another confused number.

So we rail against ourselves. We drink too much. We flirt too earnestly.  We earn new bruises (aiming for scars) convinced that, somehow, the marks will prove that we’re alive.

And they do.

But only home.

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